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ユーティリティ ファイナンス
開発者 Blue Fusion Technologies, LLC

Having problems saving for the future?
Dont know where your money is going?

A lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck. They arent able to save and barely have enough money to scrape by. Credit card interest rates are insane and bank account interest rates are virtually non-existent.

Take control of your finances before its too late.
Step 1: Create a budget.
Step 2: Look at your budget and find out what you can eliminate or lessen
Step 3: Spend within your budget
Step 4: Adjust your budget as necessary and review every month.

Budgeteer stores all of your income and expense data on your iPhone so you always have it with you. If youre wondering whether you can afford a new car or a new dress, look at Budgeteer and find out.

Tip: Most people know how much they pay for rent and how much their car payments per month are but they dont track the small stuff like cigarettes, alcohol, and that morning cup of coffee. Remember to track the little things... because they add up.